Katusha-Alpecin, Kittel on Dubai Tour performance: “A moment to learn and also to grow as a team”

Marcel Kittel (Katusha-Alpecin) is disappointed but trustful about his recent results achieved at the 2018 Dubai Tour. The German sprinter scored a third place as the best outcome in the Gulf race, mostly because his team’s leadout has not been equal to the task. Despite the disappointing performances, Kittel comments both what went wrong and what makes him confident about the future. “Everybody was disappointed that we couldn’t go for a good result” Kittel debuts to Cyclingnews’ microphones.

First of all, former Quick Step Floors rider comments the final kilometer Dubai Tour’s last stage: “I think the critical point was that last corner where the crash happened. No team was complete and that also happened to us. Then as soon as the crash came, everyone was messed up again and we could only try to find a good way to make it to the finish line”, points out.  Moreover, Kittel comments with regret the team’s performance on the finish line”I tried to go as good as I could but Haller and Rick Zabel were in front and were thinking I wasn’t there after the crash and wanted to save a good result. In the end that didn’t happen”.

Marcel Kittel’s adventure in the middle-east has not already come to the end. In facts Katusha-Alpecin sprints leader will race the Abu Dhabi Tour from 21 to 25 February with the goal of improving his train’s skills and to build up a strong team harmony. “It’s a moment to learn and also to grow as a team. That was the main goal of this Dubai Tour” Kittel said, remarking on the positive results the swiss team has accomplished. “We have things to discuss after this race but I really believe it will make us stronger”, admits with confidence.

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