Tirreno-Adriatico 2018 Stage 6 Live

16h25 –
Bagioli remains leader of the KOM jersey and Mosca got the point standing.
Kwiatkowski stays leader.

1. Kittel
2. Sagan
3. Richieze
4. Modolo
5. Stybar

16h22 –
Victory for Marcel Kittel !

16h21 –
Sagan and Modolo in good positions . Stybar is launching.

16h21 –
Jungels leads the bunch !

16h20 –
1km to go !

16h19 –
2km to go. Kwiatkowski is well in the 1st bunch.

16h18 –
3km to go !

16h17 –
Sagan is back in the first bunch at 4km to go.

16h17 –
Peter Sagan isn’t in the first bunch apparently.

16h15  –
All the riders involved are back in the race except Boivin and van Winden (both for Israel Cycling Academy) but they should soon resume the race.

16h14 –
7km to go. Many riders of Israel are invovled in the crash. After the crash, the bunch has split. Bevin is involved.

Gaviria, Bardet are involved !

16h12 –

Big crash ! Many teams involved. Froome and Thomas were still at the back of the bunch.

16h12 –
Froome et Thomas de retour dans le peloton !

16h11 –
9km to go !

16h10 –
Geraint Thomas also is behind the bunch with Froome.

16h10 –
10km to go

16h08 –
Puncture for Froome

14h07 –
Less than 12km to go.

14h06 –
The bunch is passing the finish line

14h05 –
1km to the passage of the finish line

14h04 –
2kms to the next passage of the finish line

14h03 –
Some riders had punctures and are back in the bunch again

15h58 – km133
Burghardt caught. Breakaway over.

15h57 –
20kms to go

Burghardt sits up

The gap is now down to 20″

15h56 –
8kms to the next passage of the finish line

15h55 –
The gap is down 35″

15h54 –
9kms to the next passage of the finish line

15h53 –

15h51 –
3 – Burghardt – 5pts
41 – Van Avermaet – 3pts
43 – Bevin – 2pts
174 – Kwiatkowski – 1pt
Sprint result

15h50 –
The gap is now 54″

15h 49 –
Burghardt is passing the finish line

15h48 –
The gap is now 1’15

15h45 –
Burghardt is at 3kms to the first passage of the finish line

Crash of at least 5 riders :
A Movistar
A Lotto Soudal
A Weilier
and Jansen from Israel

15h42 –
Katusha are also chasing

15h41 –
Navardauskas has abandoned the race

15h39 –
The gap is 2′

15h39 –
Bike change for Adam Yates

15h35 –
The gap for Burghardt is now 2’18

15h34 –
37.4kph is the average after 3 hours of race

15h32 –
km112 for Burghardt

15h28 –
In front of the bunch we see the team of Fernando Gaviria (Quick Step) and the team of Danny van Poppel (LottoNL Jumbo)

The gap for Burghardt is 2’38

15h26 –
At the 1st passage of the finish line, at 25.6kms to go, there will be an intermediate sprint.

15h22 –
The 3 chasers have been caught by the bunch
Now there is only Burghardt alone leading and then the bunch

15h20 –
3’15 for the 3 chasers
3’34 for the bunch
So the chasers will be caught soon

15h16 –
Burghardt has passed the 50kms to go indicator

15h13 –
3’52 for the bunch

15h12 –
2’40 for the 3 chasers

15h09 –
km98 for Burghardt

15h04 –
3’45 for the bunch

15h02 – km93
1’50 for Burghardt over the 3 chasers

14h58 –
Burghardt will enter the feeding zone

4h48 –
1’35 for the 3 chasers

3’50 for the bunch

14h55 –
Regarding the kom standing :
Mosca is now has the same amount of points as Bagioli and there are no more climbs left in this race.

14h53 – km86
Here is the current situation of the race :

Burghardt (Bora) is leading alone

Mosca (Wilier), Neilands (Israel) and Nych (Gazprom) are chasing at 1’10

Bunch is at 3’40

14h49 –
1’10 for the 3 chasers

14h49 –

14h46 –
We got it wrong, Nych is back with Neilands and Mosca. So, 3 chasers together at 48″ behind Burghardt.

14h42 –
Burghardt has now 30″ advantage on his 2 immediate chasers, Neilands and Mosca.
We have no news about Nych who seems to have been completely dropped.

3′ for the bunch

14h41 –
Burghardt passed the mark indicating 75kms to with 15″ advantage on the 2 immediate chasers

14h38 –
The breakaway exploded in the climb.

3 – Burghardt (Bora) – 5pts
75 – Neilands (Israel) – 3pts – at 10″
216 – Mosca (Wilier) – 2pts
66 – Nych (Gazprom) – 1pt – at 25″

14h37 –
The breakaway passed the kom

14h35 –
35.7kph is the average after 2 hours of race.

The climb is short but quite steep.

2kms to kom for the breakaway

14h31 –

14h28 –
The breakaway is km70. They will soon find the 2nd climb of this stage and the last climb of this Tirreno-Adriatico. Ostra : 1,3km à 7,8% (max : 13%) the bottom is km74.5

14h27 –

14h23 –
Neilands is back in the breakaway after his puncture
4 leaders again

4h22 – km65

14h20 –
The feeding will be open until 1 lap to go (12.8kms to go)

14h19 –
Another puncture for Neilands in the breakaway

14h14 –
Regarding the point standing : Jacopo Mosca increases his lead from 28pts to 33pts.
Regarding the kom standing : Mosca, who was 3rd this morning scored 5pts in the 1st climb, is now only 2pts behind Nicola Bagioli (Nippo). If he takes at least 3ts (2nd place) at the next kom which is at km75.8, he will take the jersey and will be sure to win the standing.

14h13 –
3’20 at the sprint

14h10 –
216 – Mosca (Wilier) – 5pts
66 – Nych (Gazprom) – 3pts
3 – Burghardt (Bora) – 2pts
75 – Neilands (Israel) – 1pt
Result of the sprint

14h09 –
The breakaway is passing the sprint

14h08 –
1km to the sprint

14h07 –

14h06 –
3kms to sprint

14h03 –
km53 for the breakaway, they will soon arrive at the 1st intermediate sprint of the day in Jesi.

14h02 –

13h59 –
km50 for the breakaway

13h57 –

13h51 –
The gap is now 2’04

13h49 –
km43 for the breakaway

13h47 –
2’06 now. It’s quite likely that the last gap was in fact 1’30 and not 2’30

13h43 – km39
The Astana riders have completely stopped their effort and the gap has increased to 2’30

13h41 –
216 – Mosca (Wilier) – 5pts
75 – Neilands (Israel) – 3pts
66 – Nych (Gazprom) – 2pts
3 – Burghardt (Bora) – 1pt
kom result confirmed

13h40 –
at the kom the gap was at only 55″

13h39 –
Kom result

13h38 –
The gap is now at 1′

13h38 –
Because of Astana’s acceleration, some riders are dropped from the bunch

13h37 –
1km to kom for the breakaway

13h36 –
The bunch is together behind the 4 leaders but Astana is leading a really high pace and the gap has decreased to 1’30

13h34 –
The chase of 5 riders of Astana and 1 Mitchelton has been caught

13h34 –
33.9km have been covered during the 1st hour

13h34 –
There are 5 riders of Astana and 1 Mitchelton ahead of the bunch

13h34 –

13h30 –
The rain has finally stopped a few minutes ago

13h30 –
3kms to the kom

13h29 –
3 – Burghardt (Bora)
66 – Nych (Gazprom)
75 – Neilands (Israel)
216 – Mosca (Wilier)
We remind you of the breakaway

The bunch follows at 3′

13h28 –

13h27 –
the breakaway begin the climb

13h26 – km32
The breakaway will be in the first climb really soon

13h24 –
Among the 4 leaders, we have Jacopo Mosca who is the leader of the points standing

13h21  –

13h20 –
Neilands is back in the breakaway after his puncture

4 leaders again

13h17 –
Puncture for Neilands in the breakaway

13h17 –
3’36 is the gap as the breakaway is at km26

13h07 –

13h05 – km22 for the breakaway
from km32.6 the riders will start to climb Offagna : 3,6km at 6,1% (max : 13%)

13h04  –
3’15 the gap is decreasing for the first time

13h02 –
It begins to rain quite heavily again

13h00 –
The breakaway are at km18

12h57 –
The rain has stopped but the roads are still wet

Katusha are leading the bunch with a gap of 3’38

12h53 –
The rain is heavier now

12h52 – km13

12h48 – km10
the gap is now at 2’45

12h47 –
The wind is picking up and the rain is a little heavier as we pass along the coast

12h44 –

12h43 –
It begins to rain slighty

12h42 –
The breakaway has passed km5

12h41 –
3 – Burghardt (Bora)
66 – Nych (Gazprom)
75 – Neilands (Israel)
216 – Mosca (Wilier)
We remind you of the breakaway

12h38 –
150kms to go

12h37 – km4

12h36 –
the gap is increasing

12h35 –
66 – Nych (Gazprom) joined the breakaway

12h35 – km2
3 – Burghardt (Bora)
75 – Neilands (Israel)
216 – Mosca (Wilier)

12h32 –

142 starters

5 – Leopold Konig (Bora)
186 – Wilco Kelderman (Sunweb)
Non starters


12h32 –
Real start has been given

12h26 –
3.1kms of neutralization

12h25 – Start
Neutralized start given

12h05 – Pre-race
Welcome everybody to follow the live feed of the stage 6 of Tirreno Adriatico. The start will be given at 12.25pm (CET).


Join us for live text coverage of Tirreno-Adriatico 2018 Stage 6 from Numana to Fano  (157 kms). The week-long stage race is the first test for Grand Tour general classification riders and we’re likely to see the big names testing themselves throughout a-week time. From Wednesday, March 7 until Tuesday, March 13, 22 teams – 18 of which are World Teams whereas 4 are professional teams – will compete along the roads of Central Italy over sprints, climbs and time trials.


Live coverage starts at 12:25


Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 6 Profile



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