Strade Bianche 2018 LIVE

Strade Bianche has shown that the suit doesn’t make the man. Or a better way to put it: history doesn’t make the race. The popularity, the respect and the fascination that this event has arisen through fans, cyclists and insiders is a fact that cannot be disproved. Despite its little life – it has come to its twelfth edition – Strade Bianche is one of the most yearned classics of the season. Dirty roads, breathtaking landscapes, roads constantly going up and down and the finish line set in renowned Sienna’s Piazza del Campo – which dates back to the twelfth century – are the ingredients for a unique and well appreciated event. Since the race across the white gravel roads of Tuscany has been awarded of the World Tour title – last year – all of the World Teams have taken part and this year’s edition is no exception. The solid surface of Central-Italian dirt roads switched into brown mud and, moreover, it is predicted heavy rain for today. Can be said that there is every reason to expect a great show.

Start time: 10.45 CET
Expected finish time: 15.14 – 15.44 CET
Official Hashtag: #StradeBianche

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Strade Bianche 2018 profile

Strade Bianche 2018 Live

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