Scheldeprijs 2018 LIVE

Thank you for being with us during this year’s Scheldeprijs!

Standing :
1. Fabio Jakobsen (Quick Step)
2. Pascal Ackermann (Bora – Hansgrohe)
3. Christopher Lawless (Team Sky)
4. Jens Debusschere (Lotto – Soudal)
5. Jérémy Lecroq (Vital Concept)
6. Maximilian Walscheid (Sunweb)
7. Timothy Dupont (Wanty – Groupe Gobert)
8. Jonas Rickaert (Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise)
9. Bram Welten (Fortuneo – Samsic)
10. Marco Haller (Katusha – Alpecin)

17h02 –
What a performance from Fabio Jakobsen !

17h02 –
Jakobsen wins !

17h01 –
Sieberg is leading the bunch

17h01 –  1km to go
Stybar leads the bunch

17h01 –
Jakobsen is the protected rider for Quick Step.

17h – 1,5km to go
Quick Step is still leading the bunch

17h –
Still together. That will be a sprint !

16h59 –
2 kilometers to go !

16h59 –
Julien Morice (Vital Concept) crashed in a corner.

16h58 – 3km to go
All together

16h58 –
No more breakers. The bunch is packed.

16h57 – 4km to go
Attack of Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Wanty – Groupe Gobert) !

16h56 –
3 riders from Sunweb are leading the bunch. New attack from Maarten Wynants.

16h56 –
Around 30 riders in the bunch at 5km to go.

16h54 – 6km to go
Sky and Sunweb are leading the bunch.

16h54 –
Kittel gives up ! In the bunch the pace is high !

16h53 – 6,5km to go
Hodeg is with Kittel now, around 15 seconds behind the bunch. End of the cobbles.

16h52 –
Kittel is slowly coming back but there are no more cars behind the bunch. The commissaires are doing a “barrage” behind Kittel.

16h52 –
Timo Roosen (LottoNL – Jumbo) is leading the bunch.

16h51 – 8,5km to go
Breakaway over as the race enters for the last time Broekstraat.

16h50 – 10km to go
Kittel is really struggling. That will be complicate for the Katusha rider.

16h49 –
Kittel can’t follow his teammate. Moment of crisis !

16h48 –
With the problem of Kittel, Hodeg could come back in the bunch. Kittel is still behind. Quick Step is leading the bunch.

16h47 – 12km to go
Problem for Kittel ! He had to change bike. He has 2 teammates with him.

16h46 – 13km to go
2 leaders : Antoine Duchesne (Groupama – FDJ) and Owain Doull (Team Sky)
Bunch at 20 seconds

16h45 –
The 2 chasers are caught. Hodeg changes bike but his car was far…

16h44 –
Puncture for Alvaro Hodeg (Quick Step) ! He is one of the favorites.

16h43 – 15km to go
We currently have 2 leaders : Antoine Duchesne (Groupama – FDJ) and Owain Doull (Team Sky)
2 chasers at 24 seconds : Maarten Wynants (LottoNL – Jumbo) and Matti Breschel (EF – Drapac)
Bunch at 28 seconds

16h42 – 16km to go
Attack of Maarten Wynants (LottoNL – Jumbo) from the bunch.

16h40 – 16,8km to go
37 seconds advantage for the 2 leaders who are hearing the bell ! Last lap !

16h37 – 20km to go
Still 38 seconds at 2km to the next passage on the finish line.

16h36 –
Still 38 seconds.

16h34 – 22km to go
38 seconds for the breakaway.

16h31 –
44 seconds for the breakaway.

16h28 –
Broekstraat again for the breakaway.

16h27 – 26km to go
Breakaway : Antoine Duchesne (Groupama – FDJ) and Owain Doull

Bunch at 50 seconds

16h24 – 29km to go
1′ for the 2 leaders (Duchesne and Doull)

16h23 –

16h21 – 31km to go
6 riders of Katusha – Alpecing are leading the bunch. The gap is still 1’20.

16h20 –
The rain has stopped.

16h19 –
1’20 for the bunch which is now crossing the line.

16h17 – 33,6km to go
2nd passage on the finish line for the 2 leaders (Antoine Duchesne and Owain Doull). 2 laps to go.

16h16 –

16h13 –
Duchesne and Doull still ahead with 1’30 advantage over the bunch and less than 3 kilometers before the 2nd passage on the finish line.

16h09 –
It rains heavily on the race.

16h07 –
Katusha is accelerating the pace again in the bunch after the come back of Kittel. The gap is currently 1’35. The thunder is raging now…

16h06 –
The 2 leaders are hitting Broekstraat, the only cobble section of the race (but to be done 3 times), for the first time

16h03 –
1’30 for the 2 leaders as Katusha is reducing the pace of the bunch to wait for Kittel

16h06 – 44kms to go
Back wheel for Marcel Kittel

15h59 –

15h57 –
It now begins to rain.

15h56 –

15h55 –
The 2 leaders are passing the finish line for the 1st time.

15h53 –

15h51 –
42″ now for the 2 leaders

15h50 –

15h47 –
Antoine Duschesne (Groupama FDJ) and Owain Doull (Team Sky) are 15″ ahead of the bunch.

15h44 –
The bunch is at km138

15h40 –
There are no more riders in front of the bunch.

15h35 –
3 riders are attacking

2 rides are behind

and then the bunch

15h33 –
There was some confusion on radiotour and we apologise for the subsequent lack of information. At the moment the situation is quite easy to understand, there is the quite reduced bunch and behind there are groups of dropped riders.

15h31 –
All these riders are in the first bunch.

15h21 –
Katusha is leading the bunch, there is obviously no more breakaway.

15h18 –
We can confirm that 2nd bunch did indeed disrespect the level crossing.

15h15 –
So at the moment, we have around 45 riders in the main bunch and then the 2nd bunch, who are still are still riding but have been disqualified!

15h12 –
Something happened at the level crossing according to radiotour. But they haven’t given any details. We can speculate that the 2nd bunch passed when the light was red or even with the barriers down.

15h12 –
the 2nd bunch is disqualified!

15’08 –
Radiotour has not given anymore info but it seems that the gap between the breakaway and the bunch had decreased a lot and it seems that the bunch has split into at least 2 groups.

14h55 – km103
A level crossing is closing in front of the bunch

14h53 –
Following the acceleration of the bunch, the gap has decreased to 2’40 but there are dropped groups with around 10-20 riders in each until 3’20

14h50 –
Crash in the bunch, 2 riders of UnitedHealthcare, 1 from CCC…

14h48 –
The bunch passed quite fast through the feeding zone and a few riders are dropped from the bunch.

14h43 –
Truls Korsaeth (Astana) abandons the race.

14h41 –
After the really spread out feeding zone, we are entering an area which is really exposed to the wind which is still coming from the South, so, on the right of the race.

14h39 –

14h37 –
Boasson Hagen is calling his car.

14h36 -km92
The breakaway is entering the feeding zone.

14h35 –
Crash of Bert Van Lerberghe (Cofidis) and a rider of EF

14h35 –
3’18 for the 5 leaders

14h27 –
The bunch has given up their effort.

4h27 –
2’35. The bunch seems to have slowed down.

14h24 –
There is a group of riders dropped from the bunch at 2’30.

14h23 –

14h22 – km81
The bunch is accelerating a lot!

14h19 –
Current situation of the race is as follows :

Breakaway :
Sean De Bie (Verandas Willems Crelan)
Jan Willem van Schip (Roompot Nederlandse Loterij)
Jonas Rickaert (Sport Vlaanderen Baloise)
Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Wanty Groupe Gobert) and
Alexander Cataford (UnitedHealthcare)

Bunch at 2’20

14h16 –
The bunch is accelerating and some riders are dropped from the back.

14h14 –
There was a crash of a rider of Israel Cycling Academy who was quickly back on his feet.

14h12 –
2’03 for the 5 leaders

14h05 –
The jury threatening Fortuneo Samsic to exclude Brice Feillu. We can assume he was on the cycle path.

14h04 – km66

14h01 –

13h59 –
45″ between the 5 leaders and the bunch.

13h56 – km60
The 3 leaders were :
Sean De Bie (Verandas Willems Crelan)
Jan Willem van Schip (Roompot Nederlandse Loterij)
Jonas Rickaert (Sport Vlaanderen Baloise)

They have just been joined by Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Wanty Groupe Gobert) and Alexander Cataford (UnitedHealthcare)

So we have 5 leaders and then the bunch at 50″

13h52 –
The bunch is at 39″ and is at a moderate pace.

13h52 –
Soon there will be 5 leaders.

13h51 –
There are 2 other riders in between now. 195 and 222

13h49 –
3 leaders now with 18″

13h49 –
156 and 165 are now chasing.

13h47 – km55
Sean De Bie (Verandas Willems Crelan) is now leading alone in front of a packed bunch.

13h40 –
As radiotour doesn’t give anymore information of the race, we can guess that it is all back together. But riders are still dropped from the back of the bunch. Including : Davide Cimolai (Groupama FDJ)

13h38 – km50
48.4kms have been covered during the 1st hour of the race.

13h35 –
Radiotour does not give any more info on Hofland.

13h28 -km42
Hofland is leading alone with a tiny gap, then we have bunch 1 which is 20″ ahead of bunch 2.

13h27 –
Mureno Hofland (Lotto Soudal) has attacked as bunch 1 has slowed down a bit.

13h24 –
There is now 10″ between the last rider of bunch 1 and the first rider of the last bunch that we shall now call, ‘bunch 2’.

13h22 – Km37
Katusha brought back bunch 1 to bunch 2  but there is still around 50 riders in the last bunch at around 20″.

13h21 –
The gaps remain the same, 15″ for bunch 2 and 25″ for bunch 3. We remind you there is no longer a breakaway.

13h19 –
Bunch 3 is at 25″ but lots of riders are dropping.

1318 –
15″ between bunch 1 and bunch 2. We have no news about the 3rd bunch.

3h17 –
It’s a battle between Quick Step in the 1st group and Katusha in the 2nd group.

13h16 –
The gap is decreasing to 18″

13h15 –
The wind is hitting from the South at around 20/25kph.

13h14 –
The second bunch is led by the whole of team Katusha but the gap is increasing, 22″

13h12 –
Kittel was dropped from the 2nd bunch but he is now back in the second bunch which is at 16″ behind the 1st bunch.

13’10 –
Breakaway is caught by bunch 1

Bunch 2 is at 10″

Bunch 3 at 17″

13h09 –
8 leaders

8″ Bunch 1

Bunch 2

And bunch 3 at 20″

13h08 –
The bunch has split into 3 groups!

13h07 –
Quick Step with Iljo Keisse are accelerating a lot. Many riders including Boasson Hagen are dropped.

13h05 –
Correction! The last gap is 23″

13h04 – km20
The level crossing shouldn’t have held them up for long, just a few seconds.

13h04 –

13h02 –
Closed railway crossing for the breakaway!

13h01 –

13h00 –

12h58 –

12h58 –
We are entering Middelburg.

12h56 – km15
33″ for the lead group over the bunch.

12h56 –
There was a chasing group with, Jonathan Dibben (Team Sky), Conor Dunne (Aqua Blue Sport), Sean De Bie (Verandas Willems Crelan) and Dries De Bondt (Verandas Willems Crelan). But they have been caught by the bunch.

12h51 –
The breakaway composes of : Lars Bak (Lotto Soudal), Johan Van Zyl (Dimension Data), Jan-Willem Van Schip (Roompot), Kenneth Van Rooy (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise), Adrien Garel (Vital Concept), Michel Paluta (CCC Sprandi Polkowice), Eduardo Alzate and Tanner Putt (United Healthcare)

12h50 –

12h49 – km10

12h48 –

12h47 –
Finally, the bunch has reacted and the gap is still at 20″

12h44 –
The bunch is letting go

12h44 –

20″ Bunch

12h40 –
7 leaders

12h38 –
Real start is given just at the exit of the tunnel.

12h20 –
We will be entering a long tunnel, direction Middelburg

12h20 –
156 starters. Everybody signed this morning.

12h17 –
There are 12kms of neutralisation

12h15 –
Neutralised start given

12h –
Welcome everyone to the live feed of the Scheldeprijs 2018. The start will be given at 12:15.

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