Milano-SanRemo 2018, Sagan: “I sat in the group because I wanted to see if someone could pull off”

Peter Sagan speaks to the press as a defeated for the eight Milano-Sanremo in a row. Everybody was pointing to Sagan as one of the favourites for today’s race but in the end Bora-hansgrohe leader must content himself with the sisth place achieved on Sanremo’s via Roma. “It has been a quiet race affected by bad weather from the start – debuts Sagan to RaiIn the end the weather was better but this race is always decided on the Poggio. Vincenzo surprised everybody and his attack wasn’t joined by anyone. I sat in the group because I wanted to understand how my rivals felt. In the end I am very happy for Vincenzo because he showed to be the bravest“, confessing he’s happy for his former teammate Nibali.

Sagan also exlpained his conduct of racing along the last kilometers of racing. Three times World Champion Sagan was waiting for someone to attack and, together with the hypothetical attacker, go clear to the finish line. “I was not chasing, i just wanted to keep going and later on, in the bottom of the descent, I wanted to see if someone pulled off because until the finish line there was still some chance to catch Nibali. In the end, Vincenzo was strong and he deserves what he has achieved” admits Bora-hansgrohe leader.

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