Le Samyn 2018, Gilbert: “Gaudin…you’ve always got to watch out for him.”

“It was [an] extreme [day of racing], for everyone. It was a difficult race. The cold made it even more difficult [than it could have been].”

“My eyes were really burning. They were irritated and inflamed for the whole five hours in the cold and it was only when I stopped that I really could acknowledge how bad it was.”

“I don’t suffer so badly from the cold on my hands or feet…so I’m one of the lucky ones.”

“With races like this…what you have to do is suffer…and that’s what we did. We knew that if we came with a line up like this we would have to get a good result…and we did…and to do a 1-2, it’s rare…and that makes it an even better success. Seven riders in the break like that?!  It’s something to behold.

“Gaudin…he’s a rouleur…he is very strong- a couple of top 10s at Paris-Roubaix- we already knew this…you’ve always got to watch out for him.”

“It’s interesting for sure…in Paris-Roubaix, there are extremely fast cobbled sections…you’ll hit them at 50km/h…more challenging than those we took on today…of course, the will [for me] is there [to race the 2018 edition].”


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