Giro d’Italia 2018, Dumoulin: “I’ve opened wider gaps than I expected”

Tom Dumoulin is over the moon after Giro d’Italia 2018 stage 1. The Dutchman is back wearing pink twelve months after the success achieved on Giro d’Italia 2017. The Giro’s opening day of racing suited perfectly Dumoulin, who has got the success imposing quite wide gaps on his rivals. “I’m doing great, it has been such a perfect day! – are Dumoulin first words granted to RaiI went full gas. It was a time trial where you could take a breath once and then make a very strong commitment. I’m very happy of wearing the pink jersey again but it is very early to make predictions. I’ll live in the moment for the next three weeks of racing”.

Tom Dumoulin: “I’m wearing the two most prestigious jerseys in cycling”

Tean Sunweb leader is excited about having taken the leader’s jersey on a special stage such a time trial, specialty in which he’s the World champion.” I’m wearing the two most prestigious jerseys in cycling“. I knew it was a stage on which big gains and losses could occur but actually I’ve opened wider gaps than I expected. That’s why I’m super happy. By the way the Giro has just started and we of Sunweb haven’t planned yet how to prepare tomorrow’s stage” says Dumoulin, in this way ending his speech

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