The peloton reacts to Chris Froome at the Ruta del Sol 2018

Chris Froome makes his season debut at the Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol 2018, while mired in controversy due to an Adverse Analytical Finding of Salbutamol in a urine sample during the Vuelta a España 2017, a race which he won. No concrete answers have formed since this news broke in late December 2017, although there is an ongoing investigation by the UCI. As Salbutamol is a controlled substance, there could be grounds for a potential ban on racing for Froome, but due to the involvement of lawyers and complex legal proceedings, it’s unlikely the case will be resolved anytime soon. Should Froome be riding while this question mark hangs over him? Here’s what some riders have to say…

Philippe Gilbert on Chris Froome

“It’s difficult to give an opinion on this matter…but personally, for me it’s a big mistake [for him to be present at the race] because there are still doubts around him…he was wrong to come to the race while these doubts remain.”

Tony Martin on Chris Froome

“It’s super bad for cycling. I absolutely do not understand why Team Sky came back with Froome when the case remains unclear…it’s a shame.”

Yoann Offredo on Chris Froome

“I won’t get involved in platitudes and I don’t really have much to say. I think if he’s broken the rules, the appropriate authorities need to manage the situation…he can present his defence…he needs to explain himself but it’s up to the authorities to enforce, or not enforce any sactions… and if they do, they [the sanctions] needs to be consistent with relation to what he has done [wrong].”


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